Weather elements take a toll on all masonry. Replacing damaged or cracked mortar and bricks can improve function and aesthetics.

commercial interior repairs

Leaks can quickly damage ceilings and walls. We offer quick turnaround times and clean workmanship for all drywall and painting services.

After hours work welcome!

tough cleanups

Our mobile team can quickly dispatch to a site to perform wall and floor cleaning of asphalt and graffiti stains.


From wall caulking to concrete floor cutting, we handle tasks for clients when they aren't sure whom to call.

Commercial SERVICES

ceiling containment

Re-roofing a building or performing various kinds of ceiling work can result in unwanted debris falling. We will bring our equipment, setup the protection system and provide customers with the confidence that their property is protected.  


After hours work welcome!


Sidewalks, curbs, slabs and foundations are the primary standard concrete works we offer. We specialize in replacing and repairing sections as well as performing new pours.


Balcony restoration can range from localized repairs to full balcony concrete slab replacement. Our post curing application of waterproofing urethane coating will ensure longevity.

Underground garage ramps

Garage parking ramps may include various integral in-ground heating and waterproofing systems. Our reconstruction of existing ramps is a turnkey solution. 


Increasing an existing opening or creating an opening where one does not exist are examples of where a lintel may be used.

We have extensive structural experience to complete this type of work.


Thru-wall flashing diverts moisture, which has entered the wall, to the outside, before it can cause damage. The system can be installed on brick, block, precast and stucco walls.

rooftop pavers

We have experience cutting and fitting rooftop pavers and ground level interlock to create a proper grade and fit appearance.


Parapet walls, partitions, foundations and structural are all possible candidates for cement block work. We specialize in modifications and retro-fitting as well as new construction.    

stucco repair

Repairing damaged stucco improves aesthetics and function of the EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system).    

hollow metal

Modifying and installing hollow metal doors & frames involves knowledge of various wall types and consideration for proper hardware selection. We are experienced with meeting the NAFPA 101 Life Safety Code.


Impact with trucks and weather elements can damage loading dock masonry and concrete. We perform repairs and structural modifications which improve aesthetics and prolong life span.


Rooftop walkways and decks as well as rough carpentry modifications to parapet walls and openings are just some of the types of carpentry work we perform.

not sure if we handle it?

Nusens Contracting handles niche needs within the contracting and construction field. If you have a particular need which is not listed here, feel free to call us. We are always willing to help!


Patterned and coloured concrete are exciting alternatives to standard concrete. There are many options and possibilities to add a 'wow' factor to your next project.