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We handle “nuisances” in construction

We do not sub-contract any work. We self-perform all of the services we offer, as we believe that maintaining control over every aspect of a project is crucial to ensuring the highest quality and consistency.

When you choose Nusens, you're not merely enlisting the services of a contractor; you're tapping into the prowess of our unique, in-house multi-trade team. This distinctive model sets us apart, encompassing a diverse array of trades under one roof. Our commitment to tailored solutions, meticulous craftsmanship, and a seamless project journey remains unwavering. This innovative approach is the bedrock of our reputation, showcasing our dedication to achieving excellence across a broad spectrum of skills and services.

Supporting Women in Construction

At Nusens we proudly support and facilitate female participation in the construction industry


+ Services Offered

With over 30 services offered in industrial, commercial and institutional settings, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your “nuisances” in construction and re-roofing.

10+ Years in Service

We have been dedicated to serving the construction and re-roofing industries for over 10 years!

Nusens combines in-house expertise, innovative solutions, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in every project.

Why Nusens?

Our 8-Point Pledge


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Site Visit

Our team is committed to in-person site visits. During these site visits we conduct a thorough walk-through and evaluation of your site.


quote in hand

Quote in Hand

Following a site visit, you can expect a formal quote detailing every aspect of your project.


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Ready to kick off your project? Upon receiving a signed purchase order, our team will work with you to schedule a mobilization date.


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Stay informed with daily email updates, complete with pictures and safety docs. Explore our user-friendly online client portal for convenient, self-paced progress checks.


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Whatever it Takes

No project is too small or challenging. We collaborate with you to accommodate your schedule, even if it means working evenings or weekends.


We’re a Partner

Beyond just a service provider, we are your dedicated partner. We prioritize relationships over jobs, emphasizing communication, transparency and proactive problem-solving to build trust and mutual growth.


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Get In, Get Out

Prioritize efficiency without compromising quality ensures less labour and faster turnaround times.


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Lowest Cost System

Our innovation doesn’t just mean faster installations, it also significantly reduces the biggest cost in any project -  labor!

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Select a Location

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Hover over an area to discover the services that we offer in that region.

Our History



Nusens emerges in Toronto, filling a critical gap in the construction sector by addressing “nuisances”. The company's vision revolves around four essential principles: protect, construct, repair, and clean.


Service Expansion

Originally rooted in masonry and concrete, Nusens diversifies its offerings to encompass the entire building envelope, including repair, modification, and below-grade services. Notably, roofing services are intentionally excluded.


National Outreach

In a strategic move to better serve national partners, Nusens extends its reach beyond Ontario, establishing a coast-to-coast presence across Canada.


Environmental Commitment

Recognizing dissatisfaction among insurance sector partners, Nusens launches Nusens Environmental to address environmental concerns. This division focuses on reducing environmental impact and associated costs through improved Emergency Spill Response and Remediation Services.


Industry Recognition

Maclean’s Magazine honors Nusens as one of the top 50 growth start-up companies in the country, acknowledging its rapid ascent in the construction sector.



Commiting to innovation through research and development, the Nusens team pioneers Nu-Ceil, a patent-pending proprietary containment film designed to alleviate concerns raised by roofers, engineers, and consultants about existing Interior Protection Solutions.


Client-Centric Technology

Nusens elevates client experience with the launch of a user-friendly online portal. This platform allows clients to conveniently and independently track project progress, staying informed on their terms.


International Expansion

Taking a bold step onto the global stage, Nusens establishes its first international division in Tampa, Florida, marking the expansion of its service offerings into the United States.


Our promise to you - treat others the way you wish to be treated.

No Subcontractors

Self-performing all of our services ensures unwavering quality and adherence to schedules. This approach enables us to maintain direct oversight, consistent excellence, and seamless communication across every project.


Our workforce flexibility extends beyond simply working after hours, over weekends, or during holidays. Whether facing unexpected issues on a job site or encountering unanticipated obstacles, our commitment to flexibility actively problem-solving and doing whatever it takes to ensure the job is completed successfully.


Our daily emails, complete with site pics and safety docs, keep you effortlessly informed about project progress. For those preferring autonomy, our user-friendly online portal provides easy access to all project details. At Nusens, transparency is also about honesty— facing challenges head-on, and providing solutions when mistakes occur. Transparency is our commitment.


At Nusens, safety takes precedence, as we understand that no project is worth breaking-up a family over. We prioritize the well-being of our team, clients, and the public by strictly adhering to OSHA standards. Our commitment extends beyond the existence of safety measures; we nurture positive enforcement of rules to guarantee a secure work environment and peace of mind throughout every project. Fostering a healthy culture, we emphasize the positive by celebratingsafety milestones rather than solely focusing on compliance through penalty.




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