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Since our inception we have continually endeavoured to deliver a level of bona fide customer service unparalleled in the oil spill cleanup and remediation industry. In 2020, we were awarded 'Canada's Top New Growth Companies,' by Maclean's Magazine


Spill Response

Spill containment and remediation, anytime, anywhere.

- Highway Spills
- Airport Spills
- Marina Spills
- Fuel Tank Removal

Fuel Tank Removal

We handle tank removals, including paperwork and disposal, for hazardous substances like petroleum. TSSA-licensed contractors manage fuel tank removals by law.

Industrial Cleaning

Environmental conditions as well as accidental spills can damage the aesthetics of a property. We specialize in the cleaning and removal of a variety of stains including oil, liquid asphalt, dirt, grime, rust, efflorescence, mold, and organic.

Site Remediation

Work performed by our own staff including, structural repairs to buildings from impact, earth grading, roadway shoulder repairs, asphalt, concrete works, hard/soft landscaping, light pole re-erection, and guardrail repair.

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Why Nusens?

We work to reduce environmental impact while maintaining significant cost-savings.


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Our Own Heavy Equipment

We own all necessary heavy equipment for 24/7 spill response, eliminating reliance on rentals. This includes excavators, skid steers, backhoes, and dump trucks.



Our Own Traffic Control Equipment

We handle our own road closures for spill cleanup, avoiding delays. Our equipment and certified staff enable swift action, reducing environmental harm and saving costs.



Environmental Reinstatement

We handle spill cleanup and site restoration entirely in-house, ensuring faster turnaround and better quality control for clients.


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24/7 Emergency Response

Our toll-free number provides our clients with 24/7 access directly to our staff, not an answering service. No matter the weather conditions or time of day.


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Daily Job Reports

We ensure clear communication throughout the spill cleanup process, providing regular updates via emails, pictures, and Daily Job Reports to keep clients informed from mobilization to demobilization.


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Full Project Oversight

Our trained teams handle diverse spills, overseen by environmental engineers to meet standards with on-site and lab tests for accountability. We accommodate client preferences for environmental firms or provide our own.


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Preferred Vendor

We're the top choice for major insurance companies and adjusters for spill cleanups. Our non-insurance clients benefit from our high standards as preferred vendors.


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Cost Savings

We're the top choice for major insurers and adjusters for spill cleanups. Our non-insurance clients benefit from our strict standards as preferred vendors.

Do You Have A Large Deductible?

Would you like to have guaranteed cleanup rates no matter where in Canada your spill occurs? Contact us now to setup your national coverage program so you don’t overpay for cleanups.

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Types of Spills

We’ve got you covered no matter where the spill occurs. Our team can handle all types of spills.

Highway Spills

Roadways spill cleanups are some of the most challenging to deal with. Traffic control is the primary safety challenge aside from dealing with containing the spill from spreading or even worse, from entering the watershed. Company owned traffic control assets along with heavy equipment ensure quick and complete mobilization without having to wait for a rental company to deliver equipment. That translates into safer sites, quicker containment of the spill, less environmental impact, and reduced costs.

Property Spills

Spills on properties are not limited to one off accidents. Underground tanks or lines can leak over time without being immediately detected. Nusens handles both contamination removal as well as in situ remediations. Company owned haulage and heavy equipment combined with partnerships with industry leading environmental engineering companies to ensure that each spill has a site-specific scope of work developed to clean the environment and prevent unnecessary expense.

Airport Spills

Airport and aerodrome environments, whether for fixed-wing or rotary aircraft, require added safety measures and procedures to prevent a spill cleanup from turning into a new insurance claim. Nusens has a long history of commitment to aviation through COPA (Canadian Owners & Pilot’s Association) and active participation in the GA (general aviation) and commercial sectors both as contractors and active participation as pilots.

Marina Spills

Water spills are extremely hazardous to the environment and people alike. Rapid response and containment are vital to minimizing damage and costs. Nusens has an inventory of materials and assets dedicated for such spills available 24/7 to respond to any shoreline proximity incident including absorption socks, inflatable booms, cement, sandbags, temporary storage containers, and trailered vessels.

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