Parapet Walls

Our services encompass the construction and modification of parapet walls, essential for providing protective barriers along the edges of roofs, ensuring safety and security by preventing falls and protection to your roofing system from wind uplift pressures.

Our team excels in precision installation of parapet walls, ensuring safety and architectural enhancement.

With a focus on intricate metal studding, woodwork, and masonry assemblies, our parapet wall construction offers versatility and durability to suit various architectural and structural requirements.

Our team's proficiency extends beyond mere installation, as we excel in adapting seamlessly to diverse project scopes and complexities. We are experienced with installing wood, metal, brick, block, and concrete parapets. Whether it's a commercial building or industrial facility, we tailor our approach to suit the unique needs and specifications of each client, delivering parapet walls that not only enhance safety but also complement the aesthetic and architectural integrity of the structure.

With a focus on precision and expertise, our team ensures meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of parapet wall installation, guaranteeing both safety and aesthetic excellence.


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Nu-Ceil™ is our newest generation, patent-pending containment film.

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