Ceiling Containment System (CCS)

Referred to as “interior protection”, Ceiling Containment Systems (CCS) serve one primary purpose – to capture any dust or debris that may find its way into a building from the ceiling (roof deck) due to a re-roofing project. CCS is installed before the re-roofing project and removed after the new roof is installed.

Nu-Ceil™ is our newest generation, patent-pending containment film.

Developed through extensive R&D,

Nu-Ceil™ is a direct result of listening to the complaints that roofers, consultants, and clients had with current systems available in the market.

The journey to develop a better interior protection system than what is in the marketplace currently has taken several years and much trial and error, but with persistence we have persevered and are proud to now offer Nu-Ceil™ as an industry leading innovation for ceiling containment. The best part is that we have done so while also making it the most cost-effective system available across North America.

Ceiling Containment Systems are installed prior to construction or re-roofing projects to protect industrial, commercial, and institutional properties from business interruption and liability posed by falling dirt, dust, and debris.


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Extensively Tested

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Nu-Ceil™ is our newest generation, patent-pending containment film.


Static build-up can pose a threat to servers, electronics, computers and other IT related hardware. Nu-Ceil™ is specifically engineered to dissipate static and prevent static build-up.


Nu-Ceil™ features antimicrobial properties and a food-safe rating, ensuring a hygienic environment for both workers and customers during construction and re-roofing projects.

Approved Below Sprinklers

Capturing the dust/debris that falls from a ceiling (roof deck) is one thing. However, this must be done while not impeding the fire suppression system in the building and ensuring that the CCS material itself won’t add to or propagate the fire. Nu-Ceil™ meets relevant building and fire code requirements and is approved for installation below NFPA 13 Fire Suppression Sprinklers.


What happens when the project is completed and the material needs to be disposed of? Nu-Ceil™ is certified Biosustainable . This means that our containment film will degrade 100% and generate ZERO micro-plastic emission.

Extensively Tested

The creation of Nu-Ceil™ included the development of a completely exhaustive R&D program to ensure testing and compliance with the most stringent of safety and code requirements.

High Luminous Transmittance

Repeatedly we were told that it is a benefit to be able to see what is above the containment material since the typical white tarpaulin used for interior protection blocks the view. Nu-Ceil™ is translucent, and allows 75% of light to pass through so that you can see what’s above.

Load Tested

Nu-Ceil™ has been extensively load tested. While meant to catch dirt, dust and debris, should on rare occasion a larger or sharper object fall onto the containment system, it will stretch and absorb rather than puncture or tear.

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