Why Nu-Ceil?

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Our clients often inquire about the unique qualities of our Nu-Ceil™ technology. In this blog, we'll address the most commonly asked questions.

Do I need Interior Protection?

Any building which is going to have the roofing system replaced is a potential candidate for a ceiling containment system. If there is no existing protection from falling F.O.D. (Foreign Object Debris) currently in a building, then a ceiling containment system is highly recommended. Protecting people and property while drastically reducing liability are the fundamental reasons a ceiling containment system is installed in advance of any re-roofing project.

How is our system different?

Typical systems use adhesive to connect containment material sections, which, in case of fire, detach to avoid hindering the fire suppression system. Our proprietary material (Nu-Ceil™) itself dissipates/recedes during a fire. No special fabrication or adhesives are needed. This means lower material and labor costs, resulting in faster turnaround time and significantly reduced $/sf rate.

Will it impede our sprinkler system?

Nu-Ceil™ has been extensively tested and certified by accredited laboratories to prove that in the event of a fire, it will dissipate and recede, moving out of the way of fire sprinklers prior to their activation in accordance with NFPA 13.